Sprayglide Website Review & Ratings + Sprayglide Coupons
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Sprayglide Website Review & Ratings + Sprayglide Coupons

Sprayglide: Products & Services

The website sprayglide.com is basically the official website related to the product Sprayglide® and provides the complete details regarding the same. The website offers more than one products but most of these are quite similar to the chief product. The company has introduced some other variants and models of the product to suit wider market needs and make it easy for the users to use the product as well.

Sprayglide: Company Background

The website sprayglide.com, being a specific product base, is copyrighted in the name of a wider company, The Kirkvision Group. The company has listed its operation address in Canada. The company archives as shown by the site dates back to the year 2010 but there is no clear details regarding the starting of the company or the founder of the same.

Sprayglide: Customer Feedback & Reviews

The product Sprayglide has been more than helpful to many customers. People have been fully satisfied with what they bought as validated by many reviews of the product. The products have five-star ratings all over the net and sprayglide.com has also assembled some of the testimonials that they received for their products.

Sprayglide: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

There is no associated page from the Better Business Bureau that provides any accreditation or rating to the business. The site sprayglide.com doesn’t exist in the BBB database. The company name is unavailable on the site and that makes searching for the company impossible. The website has not much media coverage but the product appears boldly at many popular websites.

Sprayglide: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

There is no submitted review for the site sprayglide.com on Alexa and a poor ranking of 14,373,099 with only 7 sites linking in. The site’s monthly unique pages viewed amount to only 1,701. The website has somewhat unique targeted keywords and that may be the reason for the Google page rank of 1 out of 10.

Sprayglide: Social Media Presence

The site is present on twitter and it also shows some of the tweets that the twitter page of Sprayglide has received. The page has 752 followers and average amount of activity. The YouTube channel of Sprayglide has only 3 subscribers while unexpectedly, the site has a Facebook profile instead of a page with 17 friends and next to zero activity.

Sprayglide: Website Security & Safety

The site is quite secure as found out by doing a trial booking from the products page. The site’s payment page uses a secure connection and Google diagnostic page of the site also clears any suspicions related to the site. The site hasn’t been found associated to any malware or malicious software in the past 90 days.

Sprayglide: Pricing & Packages

The company has been focused on a specific product and it offers only different categories and variants of the same. The products page includes all these and the price range is $7.59 to $39.99. They have provided a basic accessory and priced it at the base price. The rest of the products are simply the same products produced as per different needs.

Sprayglide: Shipping Rates & Policies

There are no clearly specified shipping policies but the payment page clearly lists more than one country. Shipping is provided in four major countries, Australia, USA, Canada and UK only. No other countries have been listed as destinations. The company charges for shipping but occasionally the shipping is also provided for free.

Sprayglide: Payment Methods Accepted

The payment options can be found on the site by simply opening the bookings page after selecting a random product for buying. Major credit card types are accepted by the website for payment which includes MasterCard, VISA, AMEX as well as Discover. Apart from cards, the company also accepts PayPal payments.

Sprayglide: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

There is no return policy as shown by the sprayglide.com and there is no sign of any exchange or return terms either. The site however provides a lifetime warranty on its product Sprayglide® ProSupport™ as shown on the products page. There is however, a mention of warranty in the FAQ of the site.

Sprayglide: Product images & screenshots
Sprayglide Coupons
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